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Gvidos from the side and in a few words…

...What can I tell you interesting about me ?

Gvidos : It's my nickname. My true name is Guy KLAPCZYNSKI without nothing else… Admit you prefer Gvidos, don't you ?😉


Background : Born in a little unknown city of France 46 years ago, I am husband and father with 2 children : one giant lumberjack I need to raise my head to look (fan of computers, infographics, video) and a graceful and brilliant princess, champion of gymnastics.

Geography : Actually I live in France, in the territory of Grand Est from where I plan to escape as soon as possible to join Plutonian regardless of where they are👽.

Games : I play games since I am old enough to understand a rule. But beyond the game, I was allways fascinated by the strategical mechanisms of the games and the behaviour of players.


Creation : OGM-A is not the first game I created but the first whith which I achieved all the publishing steps. Others will follow, with your backing of course. 😏 Without pressure... Otherwise, at least will I be gone to the end of the stuffs.

Life : Last 5 years were really gruelling and punishing for me. To sumarize these years of disgrace, I set up a start-up (I mean a firm) but was betrayed by investors and joined the wretched ranks of the failers… with all the problems wich are going with and that we will keep quiet… 😰 After to have sunk very deeply, (I think I probably reached the oceanic trench) I did not let me drown, I swam like I could and get – exhausted and diminished  but safe – to the terra firma. After which, I watched Terra Nova on Netflix 😁

Ambition : To publish OGM-A and other games. The 3 next. A terrifying strategical game based on the dark side of the fairy tales, a funny off the wall political game which will destroy your family harmony and a wonderful quest role playing game where you'll find again all the characters and the universe you liked in OGM-A. Believe me, you are helping me in OGM-A for hugely more than it !

I am also finishing a novel and  seeking for THE job (multimedia project manager) right beside to a good boss (inevitably Plutonian). What else ? I plan to create a web tool to help people for something but that's another matter. And Shhh it's a secret cause it's completely new on the web...

    So… This is Gvidos, creator of OGM-A. And be indulgent with my physique, don’t forget first and formemost you are here to like a game : OGM-A… 😁 More about me, you’ll maybe find gradually in this colorful universe of OGM-A I’ve created. If you have any other question, feel free to mail it to me. I will answer avec plaisir.

    Your friendly Gvidos 

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