the new post apocalyptic strategic game of Gvidos

After the apocalypse, on the Earth swept by winds and dust, Humanity attempts to survive among the remains of their past greatness. The city of OGM-A is an embryo of civilization in a world of violence and survival. But at this present time, the City is buzzing. The Regent, respected leader of the City who headed the Great Council for several decades is unfortunately passed away. Rumours are running wild : who will be the new Regent? Maybe you? Of course you’re lusting for this position but you’re not the lone, and also inexperienced in political matters, without any reliable friend.


Strategy, bluffing ability, deduction, daring, anticipation and opportunism will be required to lead you to the victory.


With the help of a few influence points at your disposal and some unfamiliar acquaintances in the council, increase this tiny capital, make new true and helpful friends among the most influential people of the council and become, perhaps, the new Regent of OGM-A.

The rules of OGM-A

A new mechanism to play


A colorful universe with some incredible characters...



OGM-A is especially dedicated to my Dad, this hero of my childhood. 💖He was by the way a peerless player of rummy and is not out of my player’s initiation. One character of OGM-A is especially dedicated to him, someone he could have been somewhere else and from another time. Dad, for all that and much more, wherever you are, I warmly thank you.



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