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You are journalist or blogger ? Don’t be shy, feel free to talk about what is inspiring you in OGM-A 📣  on condition that mention Gvidos and links to the site www.ogm-a.fr. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use the contact option of this site, in the right up corner or click directly on the following mail : contact@ogm-a.fr




I decided to launch my first game with Kickstarter because I believe in this new way of participative project.

People help people to achieve their projects without the cold and deshumanized glance of the traditionnel investors. That’s simply great in my eyes and a promise of a different future world of creation where many fantastic ideas will be not blocked by pragmatic and short minded people…

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that I’m closed to discuss about OGM-A with the professionnals and businessmen.

I’m a completely open mind man. Then, if you are a businessman and the concept of OGM-A is interesting you for any reason, 😎 be free to talk with me by using the contact option of this site in the right up corner or click directly on the following link : contact@ogm-a.fr

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