To make friends is good, to keep them is better...


the new strategical post-apocalyptic game


Why Kickstarter ?

    That’s an excellent question ! 🙂

    To invest directly a few money in a project which you like, is something really new and great. That’s now one of the incredible power of Internet. Sure, because a project cannot delight to everybody. So, around you, it will be most of the time not enough people to bring to life your idea if you need a substantial quantity of money. Especially when you’re living among cheapskates and skinflints. 😉 But with the abolition of bounds in the magical Web, you will be able – thanks to Internet and its ubiquity – to get the quantity of supporters you need all around the world.

    I think that supporting a project is not only to give a few (or a lot of) money; it’s really starting a relationship with others, 😍 based on the curiosity and the interest. There even is – I believe – already a little kind of friendship in this first draft of a meeting between some people and a creator, a designer or an inventor. This is not only some money on the table because each baker gives to the creator a feather for the wings he is doing to build with his project.

And if the creator harvests enough feathers, 🐤then we are the witness of a take-off. A true adventure is beginning to which we will be happy to have contributed. Moreover, to give and to help makes happy. That’s why Kickstarter is really an amazing tool.

    Several years ago, after the fall of my company, I had more time than I needed to think about creation. in the deep of myself, I had understood that my true potential in the life was the imagination and not the sales or purchasing skills. More again, if I had to say today what my best skill is to a recruitment consultant, I would say without hesitation that’s the imagination. Maybe that's why I'm now unemployed. Never mind, I am at least frank and honest. 

But I also know that on the work market and in the daily life, the imagination is counting for a few, probably less than a peanut. To say that somebody is a dreamer and have a lot of imagination is in our actual world, rarely rewarding. When I discovered Kickstarter (unfortunately very late), I understood that I was partially wrong on this subject. There are many people around the world who think that imagination and creativity are a wealth.

That’s to those people I’m asking the feathers to launch my project. OGM-A is not only a game. It’s not the copy – even not the inspiration – of another game, it’s something new, it’s also a universe, a concept and the first of my ideas’ flock.

Very soon, this adventure on Kickstarter will be the first step of a new stairs for me. And it depends a lot of you, that this aventure will live a good life.

Ah ! I have to warn you… 😜 By helping me, you are going to release a monster of imagination and creativity out in the country. Many suprises are planned after the OGM-A project. Are you ready to support and follow me throughout the time? Believe me, you will be not disappointed!


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