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the new post-apocalyptic game which is a game changer


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How to play to OGM-A ?

    5 discussion points, a handful of character cards, 2 action tokens and 1 objective card : this is all your wealth to start the game and develop within the Great Council of OGM-A.

    Discussion points serve as both victory points and as money in the game. It embodies your eloquence, your skill to convince, charm and negotiate. The aim of the game is : to have the most of discussion points by the last turn of the game, when the stack of character cards is empty. Then you will be the new Regent of OGM-A.

    How to win discussion points ? Mainly during the council sessions. Some bonus are added at the end of the game.


    43 cards make up the characters available to play. They are the most influential people in OGM-A. Each character in your hand is an acquaintance with a limited use (just during a single council).  However, you can decide to make a friend out of this acquaintance, with a cost of discussion points for this action. So this friend will stay on your side throughout the game and has a level of loyalty that can increase with time. Acquaintances and friends help you both to become leader of the 3 main political families (green, orange and purple; cards without color are used as wild cards), and consequently to win some influence, shown by the discussion points earned.


    A turn consists of 2 stages : action and council. Before each council session, the action stage allows you to prepare your strategy with 6 different available actions : to make new friends, to corrupt or to exchange friends of opponents, to get new acquaintances, to increase the loyalty of your friends or to earn a small amount of influence points.


    The richness of OGM-A is based on the subtlety of the investments you can make with your discussion points and the different interactions between players during the action and council steps. Each game will be assuredly different from the previous. In OGM-A, luck plays a tiny part. It’s your tactical investment decisions, your bluffing ability, and your anticipation which will help you to maximize the effect of your hits.

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